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Digg records selected with love

Back In Stock. Thank you Tony !! We'll celebrate first in-store session next month with all the team!

Earth, Wind & Fire - Getaway 12" reissue from 2015 including the Special Disco Version and Instrumental version is here.

astered by Daddy Kev Full sleeve artwork, designed by The Pressure Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Bleep are proud to release the debut EP of a mysterious producer named Zap Francis. These beats first aired on Black Milk’s Boiler Room set about a year ago but other than that, not much is known about Zap Francis.

PPU recording artist Willie Hill (Delicate Rose) is back with 3 more selections from his Durham, North Carolina production house. Advanced funk from the original dirty south! Contains : Eternal Love, Talking On A Funky Note, and Over The Hump

Editions Gravats number 5 is here, and confirm punk and local influences from the French label.

The Max Graef Band project channels this energy with the tight efficiency of the Headhunters tag-teaming the New Power Generation, oh yeah - anyone expecting elbow patch, 6th form funk can think again, this is Mosquito’s Tweeter territory folks. From raw, P-Funkin jams to Punk-Funk workouts & freestyle Jazz flavours, DOG pays homage and wears its influences proudly, while bringing a fresh take on the foundation Funk that informs this collective’s own celebrated Sample-House revival.